Saturday, 22 June 2013

Surviving Winter

It's getting pretty freezing, and my pile of school work is reaching a new uninspiring heights. Sounds to me like the perfect time for a blog post! Here's a little collage of all the things I've developed a crush on in the middle of winter.

I'm looking forward to those fab Saturday night sleepovers with the gals, surrounded by millions of blankets and pillows. I don't know about you, but I'd pick a night in by myself (or with my closest friends) over partying all night at any opportunity.
In preparation for these sleepovers, and also for my emergency late-night study or assignments, I'm stocking up on my Greens and Black's dark chocolate - can't get enough!
This one is a bit of a long-term relationship, but I've been wishing for this amazing Michael Kors rose gold watch for ever; it's playing a little hard to get! If only I could spare over $300...but I have to say, it's pretty much perfection and would go with absolutely everything I own.
These fabulously versatile ankle boots by Lipstik would, again, look brilliant with everything. On top of that, they'd be perfect in summer with shorts, and complete any winter outfit. Another bonus: they're definitely on the more affordable side.
To finish, I'm about to go snuggle up with a good, familiar magazine. Recently I dug out my Oyster mag, Russh, and Frankie magazines from the end of last year, stirring up memories and nostalgia for the warmer months.

Why not treat yourself to a little retail therapy, or late-night hot chocolates with friends, to get you through the rest of the winter - I certainly will be. There's no way I could have fit everything in to one post, so expect more like this to come!

What are you guys crushing on?
Emily xxx

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