Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A Sweeter Peach

I'm not sure if any of you would be interested in reading my attempts at not, carry on with your life. If, perhaps, you are, just click on "Read more" below!

Without further ado, my poem I submitted for Lit last week:

A Sweeter Peach

Non semper erit aestas

Walk with me; Walk down and on
And past the street where childhood fades
As hour by hour, the fog descends on us.

Still my mind returns there
And the memory lingers;
Memory of a house grander,
Shadows taller, a bite from a sweeter peach
As juice drips from my chin,

Barefoot days and summer streets
Stretch on, long hours bathed in apricot light;
Always coming home, but now…
The edge of bluest sky begins to fade.

No longer do the shadows rise,
Cold arms of mist embrace the sun
As flowered paper falls
Bit by bit from walls.
Grandeur peels back; reveals yellowed glue
And pitted concrete - the hour
For summer fruit has passed.

Shall we walk on, amid the mist,
And maybe our next unseen step
Will chance where sunlight filters gently through.

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