Monday, 10 June 2013


Just a short post, but these are 10 songs which are totally relaxing and great to listen to when you need to de-stress. This playlist helped me just chill before and during my exams. Listening to the lyrics and getting lost in the music (that sounds absolutely cheesy...) allowed me to focus my mind on something other than the six subjects I'd been seeing way too much of in those two or three weeks!

I'll probably post more of my playlists in the future, or maybe make a thing of it - I've seen a few blogs do Music Mondays which could be cool.

Also - I figured out how to add a follow button to my blog, which miiiiight come to some use...

Hope you have a super week, and maybe these songs will refresh you a bit after nobody's favourite day, Monday!
Emily xxx


  1. I listened to all these songs and you made me discover them, i love them :-) It was a good idea of post ! Nice blog, keep on like that !

    1. Thanks, I'm so glad someone likes it! I'll try :) xxx