Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Online shopping tends to be 90% guesswork, and sometimes leads to me buying things that look fabulous on the model in the photos, and I wish would look amazing on me, but don't seem to work exactly as planned. Maybe it's because I'm short - I tell myself that - or perhaps it just wasn't meant to be. This dress was no exception: initially, it came to about knee length, and as much as I adore this pattern, it seemed to go on forever. In any case, with homework put on hold so I could chop a couple of inches off, I think it actually turned out pretty great! Might I just add that the only reason I was willing to take out the scissors and have a bit of an edit was because it was only $35 - I would never normally even consider it, but last night I just thought why not?

As a little sidenote, why is it that my mum has better shoes than me? I'm in love with these ankle boots of hers, and so very thankful that our feet are the same size!
Corridors dress from Princess Polly
Catin boots from Country Road

PS excuse the terrible hair. I a) just got home from school with it up all day, and b) need a haircut so badly it's getting ridiculous...


  1. love your dress, such a pretty print. and your mom has great style, these shoes are awesome. you have a lovely blog as well, would you perhaps like to follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin'? please feel free to check out my blog and let me know if you'd like to.


    1. I think mum's style might be due in part to having a sister who is a designer! Thank you so much, your blog is so great! I've followed you, have the best day (or night) xxx

  2. Love your boots!! :)


  3. Those boots...AMAZING !!!
    I've just discovered ur blog and i love it


    1. Thanks so much, love yours too!

  4. Thanks everyone for the comments!